About OVBS

Orthodox Vacation Bible School (OVBS)is an educational outreach program under the Sunday School Association of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church (OSSAE). OVBS focuses on deepening the knowledge and experience of the Orthodox faith and embraces the teachings and traditions of Orthodox Christianity: Scripture, saints, feasts, prayers, worship and music.Also, the curriculum will attempt to teach and engage participants in the following areas: classroom lessons & discussions, memory verses (from Bible and/or parts of Orthodox tradition ? especially prayers), songs/hymns (liturgical & non-liturgical), Orthodox worship/prayer, activities, arts & crafts, recreation, and more. OVBS is a very vibrant wing of the OSSAE. OSSAE publish separate text books, devotional materials, song books and cassettes for the OVBS every year.The Teachers of Sunday School does take active participation in OVBS. Many Good Parishers of this church often help the OVBS by arranging feast for the attending children. Children are given insight of bible, the life of Jesus and Christianity etc.